Virtual ZX: A One - Stop-Solution Offering Varied Virtual & Online Service with Efficiency

Ambreen Shaikh,CEOGlobal business today relies on social media marketing to develop popularity through brand building, and to achieve so proper strategy making is in high demand. Various brand building firms are thus mushrooming at a rapid speed to provide outstanding online support to their clients. Being a new player in this field, Virtual ZX offers professional virtual assistant services since 2014. Ambreen Shaikh, the CEO, and Founder of the company, was going through some family constraints for which she was working as a freelancer in the year 2013. While working as a freelancer, she was asked about online support services from many of her friends and family. During this time, she discovered her dedication towards working as a virtual support system to many of her known people. This made her build her team of five to six members, and thus, Virtual ZX was born. “We offer social media management services and online administrative and IT support work, and as a startup, we have gradually grown into a brand building online support service provider with international clientele,” Ambreen explains.

Being a virtual assistant to its clients, the company offers SEO-based digital marketing, content writing, video editing, graphic
designing, social media marketing, website building, email marketing, CRM management, web research, building and managing databases. It offers serviceable solutions to varied problems it's clients face. “We offer an array of services with the dedication to satisfying our customer’s needs by providing remote assistance to any situation they may require,” Ambreen adds. Armed with a strong and hardworking team assisting for 24*7 to meet their clients’ needs, Virtual ZX makes sure no work is left incomplete. Being a one stop solution as a virtual assistant, the company is dedicated to learning something from every project it deals with.

We offer an array of services with the dedication to satisfying our clients’ needs by providing remote assistance to any situation they may require

“I believe in learning something new every day from the work we are offering. I keep telling my team to stay motivated, work hard to learn and grow,” Ambreen states. Her team makes sure that as a virtual assistant, there is no additional infrastructure and training costs are involved. The team is set to take the burden of its clients to build their brand through proper and strategized social media management. It also offers CRM support as required for its clients. Virtual ZX also provides appointment scheduling, digital marketing, eCommerce management, and many more services. All these services are again based on a subscription for which the charges are applied hourly or project basis.

"Our team finds the best solutions and services for our client's business. We also help in assisting in personal needs such as online shopping, flight booking, etc.," Ambreen adds. In addition to the services mentioned above, Virtual ZX also assists in day-to-day tasks, upcoming meetings, and planned holidays, attend vital phone calls, and many more. Therefore, hiring Virtual ZX gives the assurance of a well-managed and balanced system supporting the corporate needs of its clients. Being a client centric virtual assistant, the company takes all its client's responsibilities on its shoulder and completes all their virtual related work demands efficiently. To continue the same in the coming days, Ambreen is keen to work in data science oriented digital marketing projects.