VT Container Lines: Introducing The World To Logistics 4.0

Yogesh Narayan Tambe,DirectorMany firms, both small and large, now have access to the worldwide market thanks to globalisation. However, logistics can be somewhat challenging, particularly for newcomers. When NVOCC steps in, the procedure is streamlined for them. Small businesses may have a hard time in their early years finding a reliable shipping provider. Their shipping requirements are met by NVOCCs, which provide them the freedom to work with a smaller company rather than a big shipping line.

As a middleman, NVOCCs simplify logistics for their clients and provide them a number of advantages. Before choosing NVOCC services, there are a few factors you should take into account. By meeting client requests and implementing sound business strategies, technology is advancing a variety of industries and companies, enabling them to increase profits and lessen competition. Top-notch technological standards are being set by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), autonomous trucks and drones, and improved GPS accuracy.

NVOCCs are giving customers the ability to track and monitor their shipments with the use of shipment tracking systems. The power of social media is enhancing operations and the logistics sector as a whole. The most effective approach for businesses to interact with customers, send urgent information, industry news, and customer feedback is through NVOCCs.

VTCL at the forefront of Logistics 4.0
Since a while ago, VT Container Lines has been moving more and more toward what is known as Logistics 4.0, which is a term taken from Industry 4.0. This new era of logistics is based essentially on digitization, or more precisely on the automation of business and logistics processes, and the networking of devices and companies with one another. The objective of Logistics 4.0 is to simplify processes, increase efficiency, and stabilize global supply chains.

VT Container Lines offers top-notch international freight services. It is a young NVOCC company operating in a highly competitive sector where logistics is viewed as a crucial business activity that affects daily income generation in any organisation.

Through this approach, a distinctive corporate culture has developed that inspires VTCL’s staff as well as its partners to provide their very best. We are committed to our commitment to the logistics trade thanks to our extensive network of professional offices across the world, youthful, dynamic management, and a team of qualified professional staff.
Today, VTCL operates throughout India and provides services from all important ICD and Gateway ports in India as well as through a network of reputable colleagues internationally, with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and logistics solutions. Adding to the Logistics 4.0 trend, Yogesh Narayan Tambe, Director, VT Container Linessays, “Another trend in 2022 is multichannel logistics. Recent years have impressively demonstrated how easily supply chains can collapse under certain conditions.

To prevent such a risk, logistics is becoming more diversified. Freight is thus transported by all relevant modes of transport: road, water, rail, or air. Sustainability awareness is increasing globally in countless industries including logistics. Consumers today prefer brands with ethical and sustainability practices and this trend will increase in 2022”.

VTCL’s turnkey services are Indo – Asian trade lanes Ex India (NSA – COLOMBO - CHITTAGONG – YANGOON – LEAM CHA BANG – PORT KLANG ) & Gulf sectors Ex India ( NSA - SOHAR –JEBEL ALI – DAMMAM). At the same time, VTCL has core services as Sea Freight, Air Freight, Project Handling, Warehousing & consolidation as One Stop Solution. “Its impressive that our global footprints is continuous to grow with our vision & strategy in lines with our company”, says Yogesh.

Single stop for all logistics needs
NVOCCs and Liners are constantly under pressure to maintain their competitiveness while running their global operations efficiently in the fast-paced, difficult global trade. By hiring ocean freight carriers and shipping lines to transport shipments from one location to another, VTCL as an entity contributes significantly to the logistics value chain. This necessitates extensive coordination with several parties, including the agency principal, container yards, shipping yards, and more. To handle these end-to-end operations, VTCL developed its own comprehensive solution on its platform. The leadership of VTCL concentrates on gaining new business and growing relationships with customers as part of its growth objectives by providing excellent customer service and maintaining an active sales growth approach. “Also the ability to become a 'One-Stop-Shop Provider' is a way to achieve differentiation from your competitors and take advantage of cross-segment sales opportunities”, adds Yogesh. Further sharing his thoughts on the evolving logistics market, Yogesh explains, “The Global Logistics market is anticipated to rise at a considerable rate during the forecast period, between 2022 and 2026. In 2021, the market is growing at a steady rate and with the rising adoption of strategies by key players, the market is expected to rise over the projected horizon.

The increasing use of Logistics in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Trade and Transportation, Telecommunication, Government and Public Utilities, Banking and Financial Services, Retail, Media and Entertainment, Information Technology, and other industries is driving the growth of the Logistics market across the globe. The industry is evolving and will continue to do so in 2022. And more logistics challenges and trends will keep popping up. To remain relevant, companies must keep on top of global supply chain trends as e-Commerce grows in popularity and the number of deliveries grows”.

Our dedication & perfection is the corner stone of integrity & success. Our desire is to be connected with everyone by having most transparent way of work & high efficiency

Further Perfecting Quality of Service
By 2027, VTCL hopes to have grown five times in the previous five years and be worth $1 billion. Profitable growth is the main priority, along with high customer satisfaction & distinction. More specifically, the US and Europe are set to benefit from VTCL's new CONSOLIDATION service lanes. Through having a core value toward service goals and being an industry leader by delivering superior financial results, VTCL sees setting the benchmarks for excellence. Additionally, VTCL plans to engage actively in fostering client connections and providing them with the best possible services in the market.