Yum Curry: Unique & Easy To Make Recipes For Every Cook And Foodie

Pragya Piparsania,OwnerDigital content creation has reached new feats in the recent times, with more and more people using smartphones and resorting to digital channels and media to look for the content they want to view. Content in video form have started dominating the digital space, thanks to the viewers who are choosing video content over any other form. This is offering an array of opportunities to creative people and content creators to shine on social media channels and leave a mark in the space with their talent. Among all the genres of videos that are doing very well online, cooking videos are topping the charts and the world is seeing more and more chefs emerging out of such cooking channels. While many of the cooking channels are struggling to soar in terms of viewer ships, a few of them are making to the top seamless with unmatched recipes that people are loving and wanting to invest their time in watching and trying them at home by themselves. One such successful channel is Yum Curry that provides videos with recipes in a quick and easy way. It is a food channel available on social media and has around 4.8 million followers overall. Pragya Piparsania, the owner of Yum Curry, tries her best to serve the audience with beautiful and unique recipes that work well. She keeps her videos short and simple keeping in mind that her audience's time is very precious. The content is its product and audience's delight is her primary goal.

"When her audience gets benefits out of her content and engages positively, it provides her the fuel to get her passion going"

The Founding Story
Pragya is a computer science engineer and got married quite early. Due to her husband's overseas job and frequent relocation to different countries, she didn't want to opt for a regular office job and eventually decided to use this opportunity to travel to new places and explore different things. She was exposed to various cuisines from all around the world and developed her interest in learning and recreating them at home. “Typically, I would watch YouTube videos to learn them and about them properly. As years passed, I learnt a lot and was successfully

creating a lot of traditional and new recipes, and I thought of giving it back to the world. So, I started my channel Yum Curry with humble beginnings in 2018 from Dubai. I started shooting the videos from basic things available at home like a garden tiles as a platform base, natural lights and a camera which I already had. Soon after I started posting my videos on Facebook and YouTube, more people started to join in, which motivated me to make more recipes and now we are a lovely family of over 4.8 million. Along the way, I had learnt all about lighting, cameras, food decoration, video editing and social publishing” Pragya affirms.

The Challenges Of Presenting The Latest Variety Of Foods
When Pragya started her channel back in 2018, there was very little competition compared to in current times even Instagram was very new and was just about posting the pictures. Nowadays content creators have to be available on all the platforms, not just Facebook and YouTube but Instagram, Tiktok and many more. The platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok are famous for creating and following a trend and one has to be active on these platforms to be the part of the 'trends' and 'to be relatable', which requires a lot of efforts. “These platforms are good to discover new channels and foods as well. I always try to keep up with the trends, last year there was a Dalgona coffee trend, and when I created my version, it got five
million views in just couple of days” she adds.

Pragya typically tries to explore and experiment new recipes, whether traditional or international and if she likes the result, then she shoots it and publishes it. Most of the recipes on Yum Curry are results of several experiments of Pragya which in reality attracts more and more audience. She is also striving to learn more unique recipes every week and then trying to pass on what worked for her to her audience.

Meeting The Major Expectations Of The Viewers
Pragya typically finds that there is an all encompassing, core underlying expectation from her audience to present them with recipes that work primarily, but also helps them explore new forms of food, engage with a wide variety of tastes and expand their culinary skills. From time to time, her audience request for recipes or dishes that they came across. She endeavours to diligently, follow up on all suggestions and if those recipes work out, then she creates and publishes them. In addition, every now and then she gets request to suggest substitutions of some ingredient or some process which is not available with her audience. From her experience in the field, she suggests such substitutions and also tries to include them in as many of my future videos as alternatives.

Ensuring to stay relevant to the Indian audience while procuring food ingredients to prepare different recipes is also paramount for success in the field. “I typically, use ingredients that are readily available. For certain international dishes, sometimes more exotic ingredients are needed, which again I manage to procure through online marketplaces such as Amazon, and Big Basket. When I find some ingredient which is very difficult to procure, I try and find its substitution, which will still respect the sanctity of dish, while making the recipe more approachable for my audience” Pragya adds.

Nowadays content creators have to be available on all the platforms, not just Facebook and YouTube but Instagram, Tiktok and many more

Pragya's unique and top notch recipes have helped her gain millions of eyeballs, thousands of likes, and engagements, and hundreds of testimonials from her subscribers. She considers this to be the greatest achievement and the instant gratification from her viewers motivates her to create more recipes for them. She Every now and then she receives messages such as "Hey Pragya, I made your this recipe and my family loved it". She also receives direct messages on several platforms reading we never cooked a recipe before but we tried your paneer recipe and our wives were impressed.

“Cooking is the art, science, and craft of preparing food for consumption. Like most artists, I also at some point struggled a bit with balancing the craft versus the business. I don't struggle with this balance any more, as I have learnt to look at revenue generation as an outcome and a lagging indicator of sorts. It provides me with feedback, if my audience is engaging with and liking my work” Pragya says.

The art, science and craft are the real inputs and matter most. Pragya passionately enjoys the learning, experimentation and the process of creating content. When her audience gets benefits out of her content and engages positively, it provides her the fuel to get her passion going.

Eyeing At The Road Ahead
In near future, while continuing with the current process, Pragya wants to also make her content available in other languages, so that no audience is limited from engaging with their own passion for food creation just because of language. “I want to expand our palate more towards global international recipes which I find interesting and believe other millennials are also curious about. That's why I started two new channels Yum Curry Hindi and Globalicious” she concludes.

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